About Us

We're data geeks.

Our mission is simple. What we do is not.

Location, Inc. is a SaaS company. We build and deliver Big Data about locations. Our SaaS products, analytics and mapping tools power the business intelligence behind risk assessment and management, site selection, market analysis, and real estate investments for the Fortune 500 and beyond. Our Goal: Build the best location-based technologies possible to empower businesses to make informed decisions that translate to increased revenue and reduced costs.

Only the best, nothing else.

We are inventors. Many of our location-based SaaS technologies are patented, patent-pending, exclusive or proprietary, and have been refined over a decade of research and real-world validation. We pride ourselves in methodologies of the highest caliber utilizing a rigorous, quality-testing regime to ensure precision at every step.

Precision Without Compromise

Our data are hand-crafted works of art. We obsess over quality. That’s why companies rely on Location, Inc. SaaS products and analytics for the most critical of decisions. Products you can trust. Our data don’t redline – ever; we deliver precision without compromise, while never using data on protected classes to deliver on that precision. All of our data and products are 100% made by expert analysts right here in the U.S. We are the real deal.

Our Customers

Since 2000, more than 65 million people and businesses have leveraged Location, Inc. SaaS products and data to fuel major investments, mitigate risk, protect company assets and budget resources. While we can’t list the companies we work with due to confidentiality agreements, their industries are wide-ranging and include Government, Insurance, Retail, Security, Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare and more. Our SaaS products and location-based data are deliverable via the web, API, formatted reports, or by flat file. Learn how we can help your business increase revenue, save money, mitigate risk and invest intelligently. Contact Us.