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Demographics, Schools, and Real Estate

NeighborhoodScout® Enterprise Data:  Demographics, Schools, and Real Estate

Know the neighborhood intimately before ever setting foot in it.

Location, Inc.’s demographic trends and conditions get to the heart of a neighborhood’s true personality, or DNA. These insights are normally only discernable after the fact—after locating your firm to the neighborhood or personally living there for some time.

Our proprietary data points, developed by PhD-led geographers, provide custom descriptions of the lifestyles, character, and living conditions of every neighborhood in the U.S. via market segmentation. Each neighborhood in America receives a nationally comparable rating for demographic descriptions, including:

  • Lifestyles, Special Character
  • Age & Marital Status, Gender Ratio
  • Household Types
  • Employment Industries, Occupations, Unemployment Rate
  • Average Income
  • Commute to Work
  • Migration & Mobility
  • Race & Ethnic Diversity, Ancestries & Languages Spoken
  • Education, Military & College Status

Before your company invests in a location, places executives in corporate housing, or spends money on direct marketing, use Location, Inc.’s demographic data to really know if the neighborhood fits your corporate needs or targets. Contact us for more information.

Home ValuesHousing Values

Only Location, Inc.’s data uncover specific housing market details for every neighborhood in America, so you can effectively vet various locations and compare them against state and national averages.

For example, our proprietary market rent value calculations exclude public housing, to uncover what rents the neighborhood will truly support. We also provide the number of years of average rent needed to buy the average home in your targeted neighborhood, illuminating whether investing in rental property is a good or bad prospect.

Utilizing raw U.S. Geological Survey, H.U.D., FHFA, and Census data, Location, Inc. developed dozens of proprietary models to create normalized indices for benchmarking and comparison. As a result, all pricing, tax, and rental values are accurate to the Micro-Neighborhood™, including:

  • Average Home Values (Median Home Value, Median Real Estate Taxes, Neighborhood Home Prices, Value Relative to State and Nation, and Years of Average Rent Needed to buy a Home in this Neighborhood)
  • Average Market Rent (Median Monthly Rent by Number of Bedrooms, and Rent Relative to State and Nation)
  • Setting, Neighborhood Look and Feel
  • Housing Market Details (Age of Homes, Types of Homes, Home Size, and Special Purpose Housing)
  • Homeownership Rates

For peace of mind before buying, selling, assessing, or lending, consult Location, Inc.’s housing data. Contact us for more information.

School DataSchool Data

Only Location, Inc. provides patented, nationally comparable school rankings based on test scores, so you can directly compare the quality of schools in any location.

To accomplish this goal, we developed a precise method to compare schools and districts across state lines based on test scores from the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) federally-mandated state tests—even though the tests are entirely different in every state. We first subtracted the percentage of students in the state who scored proficient or better from the state-NCLB test from the percentage of students in that state who passed the NAEP. Then, we used this difference (or gap) to align each school and district test scores across the nation. Finally, we ranked the school districts, producing a curve that brings all districts (and schools) to a nationally comparable rating.

All of Location, Inc.’s school data are accurate to the Micro-Neighborhood™ and include:

  • School Ratings (national quality rating, list of schools that serve the address with state and national quality ratings per school)
  • District Ratings (state and national quality ratings)
  • Public School Test Scores (NCLB for district and state)
  • School District Enrollment

Contact us for more information about the only nationally comparable school performance ratings available today.

Other Complementary Products from Location, Inc.

Complete the picture with seamless geographic boundaries.

Location, Inc.’s entire suite of risk and location-based data products, including crime, demographics, housing values, and school quality, are fully compatible with our geofence boundaries.

Perhaps you want to cross reference ZIP Codes to major Metro Areas, or map out a neighborhood for analysis. Location, Inc.’s geofence boundaries provide the highest level of population and land mass coverage, with seamless, 100% national coverage.

You can integrate our Geofence Boundaries by packaging them together in a common format. However, if you only need a single boundary product, we’ve also made them available à-la-carte:

  • Premium Census Boundaries
  • Neighborhood Boundaries
  • City & Metro Area Boundaries
  • Zip Code Boundaries
  • School Boundaries
  • Boundary Correlation Tables
  • Geofence Boundary Product Data Points

Location, Inc.’s geofence boundaries have applications for insurance, real estate, corporate and employee relocation, site selection analyses, direct marketing, and other industries. Contact us to discuss your specific business needs.

Location, Inc.’s data and analytics contain no red-lining, no data about race, ethnicity, ancestry, language, religion, any protected class, income, educational attainment, or occupations of any kind.