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Location, Inc.’s risk data for insurance — Uncover the best new business opportunities, generate focused underwriting questions, and calculate more accurate premiums to reduce loss.

Location, Inc. is helping insurers reach new heights in territory granularity which has a direct impact on right-pricing policies relative to actual risk, mitigating adverse selection and uncovering new, high-resolution pockets of the best business in today’s highly competitive environment.

Maybe you write at the zip code or even block group level today? Zip codes segment the U.S. into about 32,000 territories. Block groups segment to about 217,000 territories. Our deeply granular data is helping carriers price as finite as 10 meter resolution, providing over 3 billion points of territory segmentation for unprecedented territory relativities.

Lines of business:

  • Homeowners & Commercial Property
    • Is fire a large loss for you as it is for most carriers? Many carrier models do a good job of identifying risks associated with catastrophic losses or component failure (electrical, appliance or furnace faults, for example), but often human behavior is not well represented in carrier fire risk models. Some insurers use credit score, but it often isn’t a great predictor of low frequency losses such as fire. Our FireRisk™ behavioral models help price policies for risks associated with behavior-related fire losses such as carelessness with cigarettes, lighters or candles, kitchen fires and arson.
    • Calculated for every census block in the U.S. (over 11 million points), FireRisk is adding significant lift to even the most sophisticated underwriting and pricing models as seen in recent FireRisk test results. Trend analysis is available via data points for three years; present year, five year backward looking and projected five year forward looking risk ratings.
    • Theft & Vandalism are high frequency claim types which take up valuable SIU and claims processing resources. For those cases which proceed to litigation, claims costs skyrocket. Many carriers don’t even offer vandalism coverage due to a lack of reliable information to confidently price for it.
    • SecurityGauge delivers over 3 billion points of crime risk for the U.S. (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) which enables unprecedented underwriting and pricing granularity. Testing on over 10 million records in homeowners shows consistent lift for theft and vandalism.
    • The data has also been tested for commercial property lift with extremely positive results. Given commercial books tend to be smaller than personal lines books, carrier ability to price based on experience is limited, hence SecurityGauge lift for multiple perils has proven to be very high.
    • In some carrier models, SecurityGauge has shown predictive power water-weather peril due to the behavioral component of that loss type not captured by any other variables.
    • Trend analysis is available via data points for three years; present year, five year backward looking and projected five year forward looking risk ratings.
  • Personal Auto
    • SecurityGauge has been tested extensively in the personal auto industry and is consistently providing lift for Bodily Injury, Medical, Personal Injury Protection and Comprehensive coverages. Want to learn more about the unique loss identification SecurityGauge delivers for auto? Please contact us for a 30 minute web or in-person introduction.

Location, Inc.’s risk data for insurance contains no redlining. Nothing about race, religion, ethnicity. Nothing about any protected classes and nothing about any individual or individual property. Contact us for our no-redlining statement.