To help make it easy to work with Location, Inc., here are answers to a number of frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the answer for which you are looking, please contact us.

What geographic coverage do you offer in your location-based data products?
Most of our data is available at these geographic scales: individual address, block group, neighborhood (accessible by street address), zip code, metro, city, state, and United States overall. At any of these scales, our data cover every address and every piece of land in the United States, so there are many complementary data across scales for analysis. Many of our data fields are also available for the following coverages as well: all public schools and all public school districts in the United States.
How does Location, Inc. get these unique data?
Much of our data is patented, patent-pending, exclusive or proprietary to Location, Inc. How can that be? Because we build the data ourselves! We are Ph.D.-led geographers and data miners. We are passionate about accuracy, and we see ourselves as being on your side – our customer - so that you can make informed decisions with confidence that reduce your risk, and help your business grow by saving time while increasing revenue.

Whether you are assessing the risk of property crime by street, investing in real estate, developing new commercial office space, or making a critical site selection decision for a facility or retail outlet, Location, Inc. provides your company with access to data unavailable from any other source, as well as precision patented search algorithms.
How current are the data in your products?
The raw data is always the latest available from the source. We then develop new data and information from it through our expertise, providing regular updates to the data base. Depending on the data layer, the theme may be updated quarterly, annually, or on a different cycle. Overall, we update the data at least six times per year, every year.
In what ways do you license your data and search products?
We license data via an XML feed using an API, we license full shape files of data by theme or theme subset to be placed behind your firewall, we license the site selection search engine by subscription accessible from your desktop, and we license NeighborhoodScout by custom arrangement to place in your members-only section of your Internet or Intranet application.
Do you license data through an API for web applications?
Yes, we license neighborhood reports and streams of data via an API. Please contact us for details.
What are the prices for your products?
Pricing is based on types of data required, type of use, and volume. Please contact us to find the right pricing for your company’s needs.