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Drive Critical Business Decisions with Confidence — Risk Data and Location-Based Products from Location, Inc.

Real estate, insurance, banking, retail and other industries rely on Location, Inc. for precise risk data and advanced location-based products to gain a competitive advantage. All Location, Inc. products are backed by more than 15 years of PhD-led research and development.

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CrimeRisk™ by Location, Inc.

Know violent crime and property crime risks for any U.S. address. CrimeRisk, part of RiskSuite™ for Insurance by Location, Inc., is the industry standard for the most spatially accurate crime risk data available today.

FireRisk™ by Location, Inc.

High-resolution FireRisk, part of RiskSuite™ for Insurance by Location, Inc., is available at the census block level, empowering personal and commercial lines insurers address one of the biggest challenges that they face today: Structure fire losses due to human behavior.

HailRisk™ by Location, Inc.

HailRisk by Location, Inc. takes the innovative approach of predicting the property locations that are most susceptible to hail damage loss claims within any hail climatology hazard zone, and for any U.S. address. This reveals fine-grained insurance risks previously unidentified, delivering up to 20x risk segmentation.

WaterRisk™ by Location, Inc.

Most homeowners insurance risk data focus on weather-related water damage from storm events and not what actually causes most water damage claims. WaterRisk, part of RiskSuite™ for Insurance by Location, Inc., fills this void, predicting previously unaccounted-for risk of insurance losses due non-weather-related water damage.

NeighborhoodScout® Enterprise Data

NeighborhoodScout's enterprise data get to the heart of a neighborhood’s true personality, or DNA. These insights are normally only discernable after the fact—after locating your firm to the neighborhood or personally living there for some time.

Scout Vision® Trends & Forecasts

Whether you are investing in real estate, providing a bridge load for a construction project, or purchasing mortgage-backed securities, Scout Vision is the most timely, accurate, high-resolution tool for predicting appreciation across all U.S. markets.

SecurityGauge® Reports

SecurityGauge leverages Location, Inc.'s CrimeRisk data in a comprehensive report format, featuring detailed heat maps for specific addresses. SecurityGauge crime analytics are used in insurance, retail, mortgage and real estate to provide insights into property and violent crime risk.

Demographic Data

Know the true personality of any U.S. neighborhood. NeighborhoodScout's enterprise data provide exclusive lifestyle, character, and living conditions of every neighborhood, accessible by street address.

School Data

Only NeighborhoodScout enterprise data provide patented, nationally comparable school rankings based on test scores, so you can directly compare the quality of schools in any location.

Real Estate Data

Want the most comprehensive real estate analytics? NeighborhoodScout entprise data provide valuable business insight for real estate investment, including the only seamless national dataset of neighborhood-specific home appreciation rates available today.

Geofence Boundaries

Location, Inc.’s entire suite of risk and location-based data products are fully compatible with the company's geofence boundaries. Location, Inc. provides the highest level of population and land mass coverage, with seamless, 100% national coverage.

Site Selection Search Engine

Location, Inc.’s powerful site selection search engine combines tools, search, and mapping all in one. Utilizing patented location search technology, the site selection search engine can precisely match your specific business needs to the right Micro-Neighborhoods.