Location-based products that support high-risk, high-cost decisions.

Mitigate risk, fuel major investments, protect assets, and uncover opportunity

With RiskSuite for insurance, homeowner’s and commercial underwriters have access to:

The highest-resolution crime risk analytics, for any U.S. or Canadian address.

The first and only predictor of non-weather water and non-weather fire claims risk, for any location nationwide.

The most powerful segmentation available, revealing significant hail claims variation – even within the same ZIP Code.

Location, Inc.’s NeighborhoodScout® enterprise data and analytics offers:

A trusted, one-stop source for your website, application, and business data needs.

650+ data elements, including nationally-comparable crime rates and 3- and 5-year home value appreciation forecasts.

Real-time API, match and append, formatted reports, and flat file data delivery options to get up and running immediately.