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Your Chance of Becoming a Crime Victim

 Kate Devagno   27th January 2017    Chance of Becoming a Crime Victim crime crime data crime risk property crime victim of crime violent crime

When it comes to data, there is often a disconnect between the numbers on a chart and the actual impact those numbers represent. This is especially acute for crime data, where people often miscalculate their actual chance of becoming a crime victim. “We’re making data more personal,” says Dr. Andrew […]

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Total Crime Rate Per 1,000 Population

 Kate Devagno   27th January 2017    crime crime data crime risk property crime Total Crime Rate Per 1000 Population violent crime

“Many people think that just summing the number of crimes in a community makes it possible to compare crime risk among communities,” says Dr. Andrew Schiller, CEO & Founder of Location, Inc., the parent company of NeighborhoodScout. “Big cities often have large numbers of crime. However, when we normalize for […]

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