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Crime Risk Data

CrimeRisk™ by Location, Inc.—the highest resolution crime analytics for any U.S. or Canadian address.

Better understand and manage exposure to risk.

Crime rates can impact risk exposure, real estate investment values, insurance rates for commercial and residential properties, and more. Location, Inc. helps mitigate risk by offering CrimeRisk™, the most spatially-accurate crime data available today.

CrimeRisk provides seamless national coverage of total, property, and violent crime risk for any address. As a result, this exclusive data give insurers, real estate investors, mortgage bankers, and retailers a turnkey solution to better understand and proactively manage risk exposure.

Stay ahead of the competition with the most accurate source of crime data available today.

Some examples of CrimeRisk data include:

  • Total Crime Rate (violent and property crime)
    • Violent Crime Rate
      • Murder
      • Rape
      • Robbery
      • Aggravated assault
    • Property Crime Rate
      • Burglary
      • Larceny-theft
      • Motor vehicle theft
      • Arson
  • Chance of Becoming a Crime Victim (of violent and property crime)
  • 5 Year Trends & Forecasts (for each crime type)

Unprecedented accuracy at any resolution.

CrimeRisk collects raw data reported from over 18,000 U.S. local law enforcement agencies. It then uses hundreds of sophisticated spatial algorithms to process over nine million reported crimes.

Most noteworthy, CrimeRisk normalizes the total, violent, and property crime data, making it easier to accurately interpret statistics at the local level and compare crime risk among locations.

Scalable to any organization’s unique business needs, CrimeRisk data are available for every:

  • Address
  • Block
  • Block group
  • Neighborhood
  • Census tract
  • ZIP code
  • School district
  • City

Put Location, Inc.’s crime data to work.

CrimeRisk can be accessed via API, bulk file processing, or our web platform. Contact Us to learn how Location, Inc. can help you better understand and manage exposure to crime risk today.

Additional Crime Data Products from Location, Inc.

CrimeRisk™ for the Canadian market.

Location, Inc. provides the highest resolution crime data available in Canada, including an exclusive U.S.-Canadian total, violent and property crime comparison.

For its Canadian CrimeRisk product, Location, Inc. first collects raw data reported from 544 Police Service Areas for the country. Then, it passes this crime incident and severity information through hundreds of sophisticated spatial algorithms to process approximately 800,000 reported crimes.

This results in nationally comparable crime data of unprecedented accuracy, with seamless coverage for every dissemination area (Canada’s smallest, standard geographic area for census data) and address in Canada.

CrimeRisk data are available via API and bulk file processing.  Contact Us to learn more.

SecurityGauge® provides predictive crime risk analytics for any address in the nation.

Whether underwriting a policy, investing in real estate, or making a critical site selection decision for a commercial location, business professionals trust SecurityGauge® to understand crime risk.

While most data providers only offer data at the ZIP code, municipal, or census tract level, SecurityGauge’s precision data are accessible at the address level (10-meter resolution). Consequently, this granularity provides unrivaled access to crime and theft risk for any address in the nation.

Crime Risk

SecurityGauge Crime Analytics can be accessed via PDF Reports, API, bulk file processing, or flat file licensing. Contact Us to learn more.

Reduce loss with Location, Inc.’s Fraud Risk Index.

Companies need fast, accurate, and cost-effective assessment tools to control porfolio-wide fraud risk exposure.

Location, Inc.’s Fraud Risk Index offers valuable insights into the risk of insurance and retail/eCommerce fraud to reduce loss and improve loss ratios. Easy to use, the index can be fed into models alongside other data or used independently to flag any issues that require closer attention.

Location, Inc.’s Fraud Risk Index scores can be accessed manually, direct server-to-server, or by a shape file license to place behind a firewall.  Contact Us to learn more.

CrimeRisk, SecurityGauge, and all other Location, Inc. crime data contain no red-lining, no data about race, ethnicity, ancestry, language, religion, any protected class, income, educational attainment, or occupations of any kind.