Lifestyle and Demographics Data

Location, Inc. provides exclusive, custom descriptions of the lifestyles, character, and living conditions of every neighborhood in the U.S. via market segmentation.

Know the true personality of any neighborhood… before your company invests in a location, places executives in corporate housing, or spends money on direct marketing.  Location, Inc. provides exclusive, custom developed descriptions of the lifestyles, character, and living conditions of every neighborhood, accessible by street address.


Built by a Ph.D. geographer and specialist in American demographic analysis, these data provide insights normally only discernable after locating your firm in the neighborhood or personally living in the neighborhood. With these data, corporate decision-makers will know ahead of time without risk of buying or renting or spending marketing dollars if the neighborhood fits corporate needs or targets.

Equally valuable for real estate investors, corporate site selection, direct marketing, and employee relocation, these data are available in both natural language and in quantitative data.

Access: National coverage. Accessible by address direct server-to-server, or available in shape file format from behind your firewall.

Proprietary Data Points

A rating of Lifestyle Characteristics and Market Segmentation derived from multi-metric proprietary models of lifestyle characteristics, by neighborhood nationwide. Each neighborhood in America has a comparable score 1-100 for each of the descriptors below.

  • Nautical (historic seaside neighborhoods)
  • Hip and trendy (like Greenwich Village or Harvard Square)
  • Urban sophisticates (patrons of the arts – wealthy, educated people with urbane tastes, whether they live in cities, suburbs, or small towns)
  • Quiet (true numeric value of the quietness of every neighborhood)
  • Walkable (easy to navigate on foot)
  • Coastal (on the ocean or tidally-influenced rivers)
  • Farms
  • Densely urban
  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Rural
  • Remote

Numeric data for hundreds of fields covering age and lifestyle, education level, income, occupations, ethnicity and languages of the residents of any neighborhood.

  • Mixed ages (a balanced diversity of Ages)
  • Young, single upwardly-mobile professionals
  • College students
  • Seniors
  • Families with school age children
  • Language Classifications (30 different languages, based on which ones are dominant for the specific neighborhood)
  • Ethnicity/race and ancestry (30 different ancestries, helping you seize on important cultural differences to the neighborhood level, as well as racial and ethnic classifications for every neighborhood.
  • Occupations (shows you what people do for a living, which tracts back to cultural values, education).
  • and many more on family structure, incarcerated populations, artists, commuting patterns, and more.