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Crime Data for Retailers

Loss Prevention, Site Selection, Employee Safety and Security Staffing

Research has shown that criminal activity can shift in ways that resemble infectious diseases1. In order to gain a true measure of potential crime risk, organizations need objective, consistent and granular crime data.

Location, Inc.’s SecurityGauge® brings strategic planning power to retail loss prevention with a predictive accuracy consistently exceeding 92%. Utilizing data collected from over 18,000 U.S agencies and built upon over a decade of research by our PhDs, SecurityGauge® analytics provide the nation’s most granular (33 ft.) assessment of intelligent crime risk information.

Real World Applications

  • Retail Site Selection
    • Issue: Retailer looking to move a store to a new location with a better lease and higher traffic.
    • Benefit: Due to 33 ft. resolution of SecurityGauge® analytics, artificial boundaries are dissolved and subtle changes in crime risk are identified even though the new location is only a few blocks away.
    • Result: In this instance, the retailer uncovered a high risk crime area within close proximity to the proposed location and used this information to justify additional security resources in the budget.
  • Loss Prevention Allocation
    • Issue: Retailer looking to strategically allocate loss prevention resources across its stores nationwide.
    • Benefit: SecurityGauge® crime risk scores are used to help retailer objectively assess the relationship between crime risk and shrink.
    • Result: Retailer uses crime risk classification system based on SecurityGauge® scores to determine which stores to monitor with local loss prevention resources versus more expensive corporate loss prevention resources.
  • Employee Safety
    • Issue: Retailer wanted to extend store hours later into the evening but needed to ensure employee safety.
    • Benefit: SecurityGauge® crime risk scores were used to identify high risk store locations.
    • Result: Appended crime risk scores to all store locations in Excel batch mode, then worked with retailer to establish a risk rating threshold to strategically increase staffing in select locations.
  • Security Staffing
    • Issue: Retailer was looking to justify deploying security guards in certain high risk stores to further fortify the location and reduce shrink.
    • Benefit: SecurityGauge® crime reports were used to identify the best store candidates for security guards and provided management with crime trends to justify the expense.
    • Result: Retailer was able to get budget approval and deploy guards with a higher level of confidence in select locations.

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