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Site Selection

Choosing the best location for a retail store, restaurant or franchise is a vital decision for every company. Having top-line location data search tools makes all the difference.

Every business is different. What is important for the siting of your business is likewise unique, but it can be quantified so you know you are making the best decision.

Finding the optimum location for your retail outlet, office, distribution center, commercial construction, or real estate investment requires bringing together the right data and the right analysis and mapping engine.

Location, Inc. understands this. Passionately. With Ph.D. Geographer expertise and nearly a decade of experience, Location, Inc. offers some of the best data sets and patented analytical tools for site selection available today.

Our site selection search engine is a complete package of data, analytics, and mapping tools, accessible to your desktop computer by subscription. With hundreds of data elements to select and prioritize, you can tweak the inputs and visualize the results instantly, making your site selection process iterative and transparent. For merging your own data with our exclusive and proprietary location-based data products, we provide licensing by data layer via shape file to put behind your own firewall. And with formatted Neighborhood Reports, you get a fully tabbed report for any address with 300-must see statistics, useful for sharing, presentations, and on-site visits.

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