SecurityGauge® Crime Risk Assessment

The New Industry Benchmark in Predictive Crime Risk Analytics

Assess the risk of crime for any address in the U.S., instantly and with unprecedented accuracy.

Whether you are underwriting a policy, investing in real estate, making security and staffing decisions for your site, or making a critical site selection decision for a commercial location, SecurityGauge® helps by providing instant, objective data of the highest precision to help you understand your crime risk.

What Makes Our Data Unique

We build the foundation of our predictive models by sourcing reported crime incident data from over 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. Our competitors don’t do this! Most data providers source only from limited municipal police departments, leaving out all the incidences that were reported by other agencies, such as public transportation police, port authorities, park police, campus police, and more.

When these crime counts from other local law enforcement agencies are omitted from your risk assessment, you may be leaving out hundreds, even thousands of incidences of property or violent crimes, skewing your analyses and inevitably wasting time and money using a sub-optimal product to assess your critical business threats.

Our No Redlining Policy 

SecurityGauge® never uses data on race, ethnicity, ancestry, or language for any of its crime risk analytics. SecurityGauge uses no information on the household or housing structure at the address as part of the crime risk assessment. Our reports are based upon an address and its proximity to crime risk.

Know Your Risks

SecurityGauge® provides risk scores and maps for Total Crime, Total Property Crime and Total Violent Crime, along with scores for seven individual crime types. Our reports provide all of the detail you need when trying to understand the threats your business faces.

Full Sample Report

Visualize Your Crime Exposure with Detailed Maps

We all know vulnerability doesn’t typically change drastically when you cross from one side of the street to the other. Why refer to maps that paint this artificially abrupt portrait of risk fluctuation using the census tract or census block group boundaries that other providers provide?

SecurityGauge® reports present ultra-detailed maps that show the gradation in crime risk from one property to the next. We provide these detailed maps of crime risk for most major crime types surrounding your address.

Superior Spatial Depth at the Address Level

While most data providers only offer data at the zip code, municipal, or census tract level, we build our exclusive data all the way down to each specific address using crime risk data mapped with 10 meter resolution.

Combining the richness of our data with this granularity provides unrivaled information to assess crime and theft risk for any address in the nation.


Complete Coverage for the United States and Puerto Rico

Our crime data covers every address in America. No address in the U.S. is without detailed crime risk statistics and maps.

Who Should Use SecurityGauge?

SecurityGauge users work in a variety of industries, including: insurance, real estate, government/education, retail, physical security, and other industries where site selection is vital.

Need crime risk data at a different spatial scale? Check out our crime data and crime risk page for other available options.

Delivery Methods

  • Address-specific PDF Reports
  • Connecting to SecurityGauge through an API
  • Bulk File Processing (SecurityGauge can append crime data to addresses in Excel or Access)
  • Flat File Licensing

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